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IT Services

e-governance & e-commerce


Every business house, corporate organization, educational institute or co-operative industry has to face the challenges of time. They have to identify their requirements in the smooth running of business as well as day-to-day requirements for administrative work and production lines. They need to increase competencies and to achieve max. Efficiency in various aspects of their business work. It is necessary to employ time saving devices and efficiency of human resource department. To meet the demands of business world one has to seek the help of IT in the field of production as well as administration to make internal operations smooth and effective.
Although every organization has its existing systems of work it has to develop new systems and techniques to meet the growing demands of work. They need easy access to all the basic information. They have to identify their needs at work and sort them out so as to arrange them in such a way as to make the information available at the touch of the figertip.
AMYO Technology provides consulting services designs for data management and module-by-module solutions, in daily tasks of office work.
" AMYO Technology is a fast track software company, a service industry that provides software framework & offers easy solutions for technical needs & complicated office operations. Right information facility, we produce various software tools to cater to the emergency challenges & the needs & demands of different organizations, educational institutional, institutes, banks, industrial organization tailor made solutions.
Innovation is our motto hence we make innovative software tools at low cost, high quality, high speed with wider accessibility and user friendly modules. We provide info services to industries, colleges, universities, agricultural produce marketing committee, dairy management and various other domains for profit updating.
Our technically qualified and trained manpower provides customized requirements in various fields. We take assignments for college automation, office automation, library management and provide solutions for user specific requirements in various situations and work fields. We simplify the tedious daily office work by replacing and complicated and outdated systems of office management for helping our clients to achieve business goals efficiently.