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IT Services



Mr. N.K.Bagul
Shiv Chattrapati College.
The quality of the knowledge  society depends on the quality of education, as we move along , systemic changes are required in the educational sector to meet the needs of the millennium. M.S.P. Mandal's  Shivchatrapati College's motto is to give quality education to create a national pool of intellectuals. To carry out the uphill the task AMYO TECHNOLOGY lend a hand to increase efficiency and reduce stress with a mental infrastructures of sincerity of purpose, of vision, a purity of heart and commitment to work a long with the packages like Shikshan Kranti, we can achieve our goals.

Arun Bhore
At APMC we have a chaotic environment as a huge no of transactions are going on every day. The office staffs have to deal with lot of complicated process, which eats up most of their productive time. This chaos reaches its peak at the time of audits, as there are enormous calculations to be taken care of & it requires a lot of paper work for the property related documentation.

We wanted a software solution, which can take care of all our daily transactions ranging from our property details to financial matters. So that the constructive time is saved & the transactions speed up. ultimately we wanted to make our work processes more systematic & more fruitful.
Amyo Technology came forward with their genius solution to help us out in this messy situation. Their customized solution " Krishi Vyapar Kranti " turned out to be a boon to our organization. The Accounts & Property Management modules are Exactly what we wanted. Finally I can say that the " Krishi Vyapar Kranti " has really brought a revolution in our routine work.