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Our Commitments


AMYO Technology - Application Development
If you define your needs and objectives, we create and develop software solutions that will satisfy more than your requirement. We can begin the automation process section by selection also. for many selectional activities, we have readymade solutions, which can be cusomized to suit your environment. but if you have already some software which needs revamping on a more friendly platform, we can do the platform migration by adding even more user-friendly modules.
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AMYO Technology - ERP Solution
Enterprisewide resource Planning is the main and major business solution we develop. All the data from various departments and sections of the organization is integrated and stored at one place. But it it can accessed from anywhere. This makes decision making faster and accurate. It reduces workload, avoids repetition of tasks, optimizes manpower, and makes the most accurate information available instantly and online i.e. anytime. It makes all transactions transparent but the information is accessible to only desired few.
AMYO Technology - e-commerce
We develop not only websites which publicize all relevant information about your organization, but we also create web applications which control and store all the relevant business information. So you can operate the portal from any place in the world. The security of the portal and data is well manageed by us. If you have any tradable product, we will develop e-commerce solution which will attract customers from anywhere in the world. it's like opening a showroom on the internet and selling the product to any person of any country in the world. we also build a secured mailing solution to facilitate communication with the customers and associates.
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AMYO Technology-e-governance
e-Governance is the public sector’s use of information and communication technologies with the aim of improving information and service delivery, encouraging citizen participation in the decision-making process and making government more accountable, transparent and effective.
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AMYO Technology - Consultancy
We provide consultancy in assessing your needs and defining your requirements. This is a very important activity as it has direct impact on developing and implementing solutions. Business Process Re-engineering is also an important part of our consultancy offer.
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