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IT Services



Shikshan Kranti ( Complete ERP Package for Educational Institution )
The second revolution is coming. the educational institutions are expected to compete with foreign based institutes. Our SHIKSHAN KRANTI will help you tighten the belts. Each and every process of the institite will be computerized and automated so that ultimately the students and staff will get better facilities and quality education is delivered. the online MIS system available for the top management will ease the stress at every level. SHIKSHAN KRANTI is the first and the most comprehensive seamlessly integrated solution for any educational institution.
Krishi Vyapar Kranti ( APMC - Complete ERP Package for Agricultural Produce Market Committee)
APMC has to deal with control, management, movement of material, rates, daily trading and auctions etc.. The transactions at APMC are enormous and very difficult to manage, unless they are computerized. Farmers, dealers, commission agents and brokers all get the benefit at the same. The operations will become transparent and quicker thus reducing information collection time at APMC.
Shubhra Kranti ( Complete ERP Package for Dairy Business)
Milk business in India is assuming very large proportion & is occupying position next to agriculture. Thousands of producers, thousands of sales agents and hundreds of collection centers make the operation an ideal breeding ground for errors, delay, improper accounting, poor services, operational losses, poor quality of milk to consumers and ultimately poor gain for producers. This entire situation can be changed by computerizing the whole operation and making it automatic and error free. This one stroke of decision can bring cheers in the lives of thousands of common milk producers
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e-Granthalaya ( Library Management System )
Granthalaya is a Library Automation System that offers many flexible and convenient features, allowing librarians and library users to maximize time and efficiency. This library software can enable users to save on their time too, as well as automate several manual processes.
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Customer Management Software For Builders
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Excise Express Pro ( Trader )
  • First and Second stage dealers Excise Invoice & Commercial Invoice
  • Excise + Commercial Details into Excise Invoice
  • Automatic posting to RG 23 D Register
  • RG wise Reports: Modvat, Stock
  • MS-DOS Style Speedy and Fast Printing
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Quotation Manager
  • Scientific analysis of quotation are given, which helps to increase your business
  • Today’s Look will provide reminders for today’s pending quotations and the summary of quotations
  • Built in facility to set report title, columns, and sizes and letter body
  • Easy to use user interface
  • Printing of Quotations, Invoices
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Sales Analysis Software ( Sales Tax Department )
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