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IT Services




It helps the Builder in many ways as follows -
  1. It stores all the details of the customers starting from his enquiry, booking a flat/unit, all his payment transaction till his possession of the Unit.

  2. This system can be used to keep the details of Residence, Shop, Office, Land and Parking of any site.

  3. Customer can enquire about any kind of unit as per his likings and budget range, area range, location, direction, description of the unit.

  4. It generates around 55 - 60 reports as per the user requirements.

  5. The payment due letter is auto-generated as per the schedule set for that customer (i.e. customized or non-customized installment schedule).

  6. It also shows the status of the sites in the form of Flats sold Vs. Available flats graph.

  7. It also calculates the tentative amount, that builder will get per site, building, wing or flat, as per your requirement.

  8. It also shows the number of flats/units booked, reserved and available.

  9. It also informs the user the thing he has to do today regarding his meetings with the customer, are there any installments due with the customer or not, etc.

  10. It stores all the data entered by the user.

  11. User can view the data, modify the data and delete it as per the requirement and as per the rights given to him by Admin.

  12. While storing the details or modifying the details, it stores the name of the logged-in user and date of the transaction.

  13. You can use this product, CMSB, on Network. That is, data entry can be done on more than one machine with centralized database.

  14. In this system, you can have a Parent Company and Child Company. By default, when you enter company details, first time, it is consider as Parent Company. After entering first company, next companies entered are considered as Child Companies. You can have only one Parent Company and more than one Child Company. Again one Child Company can have more than one project/site. One Project/Site can have more than one building. One Building can have more than one wing. One Wing can have more than one flat/unit.
 Hence this product, CMSB, is very useful for the builders of all kind.
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