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AMYO Technologies is Presenting unique and untapped business opportunity. If you look around, you'll realize that the demand for quality education is ever growing.

We are inviting dynamic and self driven entrepreneurs and corporate to become our Business partners.
. Mumbai
. Cochin
. Pune
. Bangalore
. Lucknow
. Kolkatta
. Dehradun
. New Delhi
. Vishakapattanam
. Ahamedabad
. Bhubaneswar
. Madhurai
. Chennai
. Jammu
. Bhopal
. Nagpur
. Raipur
. Gulbarga
. Surat
. Hydrabad
. Chandigarh
. Jaipur
. Udaipur
. Siliguri
. Guwahati
. Patna
. Coimbatore
. Vadodara
. Ranchi


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  1. How much investment is required?
    Ans.: Around 30 Lacs franchisee needs to buy 2 installations (Amt. + vat), and other setup cost Rs. 1 lack. (Non-refundable registration fee).

  2. Does Amyo Technology sell Shikshan Kranti in Phases also?
    Ans.: Yes, we do sell Shikshan Kranti in phases also.

  3. How many modules of Shikshan Kranti are mandatory to purchase if, customer wants to purchase it in phases?
    Ans.: Initially customer need to purchase at least 7 modules out of which Admission, Fees, H.R, User Authentication, are mandatory.

  4. Who will take care of technical things like Installation, Training, Implementation, Maintenance, Support, etc?
    Ans.: Initially Amyo Technology will take entire responsibility for training, Installation, Implementation; franchisee will have to take care of Marketing, Selling & Recovery only. Later on Installation and training will be handed over to franchisee.

  5. I want to take franchisee for a single city only, Will Amyo Technology allow me
    To do so?

    Ans.: Only large cities & Metropolitan cities will be given city wise franchisee in general. Amyo Technology will prefer giving franchisee region wise.

  6. What will be the termination notice period?
    Ans.: One month, both the parties can cancel the agreement by serving one-month termination notice.

  7. Will Amyo Technology appoint two franchisee for one region?
    Ans.: In general circumstances Amyo Technology will appoint only one franchisee in the region, but it is sole discretion of the Amyo Technology to appoint any no. of franchisees.


 " To play a major role in Complete automation an E-Governance of all the educational institute. "

  • CMM-3 level company by June 2008.
  • Market leader in Co-operative sector ERP business by march 2007.

  • To retain 100% customers.

  • Share substantial % of World ERP Business.

The promoters share a common vision to provide excellent world-class IT solutions and services to clients all over the world. They believe in providing equal opportunity to each of their employees and establishing norms that are fair and equitable, thereby improving the work environment and efficiency levels of every employee.



" To bring international sophistication, standardization and expertise to all the educational institutes. "

"To create state-of the-art software development center and provide the high quality world class business solutions"



We all at Amyo Technologies are committed "To consistently meet the expectations of the customer by doing right things , first time through continual improvement in all areas of operation."